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Vipichat makes it easy for businesses to sell and engage with customers on their favourite messaging channels

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Let customers reach you from their favorite messaging channels

Customers are very comfortable communicating with businesses over messaging apps and are more likely to be loyal to brands who are easily accessible

  • Be where your customers are

    Deliver support to your customers on the channel they prefer

  • Bring self-service to the customer

    Enable AI-powered self-service and allow customers resolve issues without agent intervention

Drive sales and improve your online retail experience

Vipichat automates responses to FAQs, provides self-service options and gives real-time assistance to customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, Telegram and more.

  • Add automation to your ecommerce

    Smoothly resolve customer issue and questions

How businesses use Vipichat

Industry use cases

Use cases of Vipichat in eCommerceInsuranceFinanceReal EstateTravel

Improve customer experience and boost sales (eCommerce)

Improve customer experience and boost sales (Insurance)

Improve customer experience and boost sales (Finance)

Improve customer experience and boost sales (Real Estate)

Improve customer experience and boost sales (Travel)

  • Promote and sell products

  • Track order

  • Enable faster checkouts

  • Buy and renew policies

  • Automate reminders for policy renewal

  • Report and process claims faster

  • Account management services

  • Send and recieve money

  • Make billing payment

  • Provide real estate solutions and finding property with ease

  • Property Search

  • Schedule appointments for viewing

  • Guide to Finding a Rental apartment

  • Creates a seamless and enjoyable travel experience

  • Assist with Flight Bookings

  • Offer travel recommendations

  • Resolve common travel-related issues

Mockup chat for eCommerce & Retail
Mockup chat for Insurance
Mockup chat for Financial services
Mockup chat for Real estate
Mockup chat for Travel

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